Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Puerto Rico cont....

Hello again! 

I am sitting on our a robe...enjoying cocktail hour
Brian makes us both a Rum & Coke each evening
We continue to have an unforgettable time in Puerto Rico
Since my last note, we have enjoyed several delicious meals. Our meals have dominated each evening. The food is rich and flavorful and we love new restaurant experiences!
Thursday evening, we drove to the Gran Malia and enjoyed Italian cuisine

Tempo was dimly lit and very romantic. Around the grounds were cabanas to lounge in.
Very hip resort.

Friday morning we headed out to the rainforest

Driving up the mountain, we decided to take a hike in search of a waterfall

Along the way, we stopped and dipped into pools of the freshest water imaginable
It is an unbelievable place

Great hiking and lush vegetation

On our drive back, we decided to experiment with the localist of fare

 Puerto Rican Kiosks are family owned huts with fresh eats

A very authentic experience, we savored every moment

Friday evening, we ventured out to Isla Verde to dine

Our waitor, Antonio, delivered us an ideal dining experience
From the specialty the blackboard the exquisite wine...and decadent dessert. I can honestly say it was the best meal of my life thus far. Thank you Antonio!

Most days we opted for some type of adventure

paddle boarding & biking were on the agenda

We also experienced a night kayak trip in the Bio Bay

Puerto Rico was a very lively trip, but we also soaked in the time to slow down a bit
One of my favorite parts was hearing little children speak in spanish.
I could listen all day. It sounds so darn cute.
!Gracias, Puerto Rico!

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