Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This Friday will mark the 7th Annual Trey Cheek Golf Tournament. Brian and Trey were baseball teammates in high school and college. Trey lost his life in a car accident, February 2005. Brian & friends hosted the first golf tournament that Fall, in honor of their friend.
I am in awe of my husband. Brian works diligently, every year, to make this event meaningful for Trey's family and many of their friends. Brian is committed to honoring Trey. This will be my first year involved in the tournnament. I did not ever know Trey...but I hear he was an exceptional person. I am energized to celebrate his life and meet his two sons. What a gift.
So as I am zooming around in a golf cart, selling raffle tickets and soaking in the bright green grass...I will be appreciating my life and humbled by the kindness and care that comes so naturally to Brian. He inspires me. I can't imagine what Trey would say if he could thank him.
I believe we should all live a life that will be remembered and celebrated, long after we are gone. Trey did.

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