Tuesday, August 30, 2011


How do we measure authentic, pure, genuine friendship? It's tough to verbalize. But I know I had it in college. Many of my closest friends in college are pictured above. 100% platonic friendships. Brother types, really. Never an awkward moment, no thoughts of dating, no kissing....heck no. Just darn good guys who I knew I could count on. This past weekend Scott got married and we all reconvened to celebrate his happiness. It was delightful. Karie, far right, was my college roommate...my-oh-my do we have stories. No friend of mine knows me like Karie knows me. And, yes, she loves me anyway. She is truly like family. I don't have to explain myself to Karie, she accepts me completely. Getting together with old pals was impelling. The weekend was filled with hugs, belly laughs, countless hours of blister induced dancing, Cracker Barrel breakfasts, Culver's frozen custard, the midwest....my roots. I really needed that. Something about reconnecting with my past friendships fuels me with confidence. They somehow convince me, without words, that I am likeable and amusing and most importantly, friendable. I know I am capable of building comparable friendships here in NC, but it will take time and patience. Thank you cronies, I needed a few of those unspoken reminders!

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