Sunday, July 24, 2011

bang bang shrimp

If you've been to Bonefish Grill, you have likely tasted bang bang shrimp.
At first bite, I was hooked. I crave the stuff.
Recently, a client of mine uttered the words, 'I have the recipe.' I was speechless.

Now, if you know me well, you know that cooking is not my forte. 
I enjoy it on occasion, but certainly not everyday.
At our house, we eat very simply. We have our go-to meals we love...but I am no Betty Crocker.

The point of this babble is to say that I have made this recipe twice now! I am not ready to share it, because I sort of want my 'own special thing' for a couple weeks. Is that wrong? Most people have their secret recipe that they retain, only bringing to special occasions. Friends and family look forward to the arrival of the special dish. I don't have that special dish--so maybe I will now.
Oh my gosh, I'm excited.


imaJENNation said...

Sweet!! I don't even like shrimp-but last time I went there with Jim and Janice-I tried it and it was sooooo good!! Can't wait to try yours! You'll have to come over for dinner sometime soon! :)

Jennifer Welker said...

Me too! Can't wait to try it! And no that is not wrong! I already knew this about you when you wouldn't give me the TOP secret pecan recipe! Haha!! xoxo

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