Monday, February 6, 2017

bringing life to our lil' patio

since the moment we moved into our home, our energy has been focused on the interior decor. we recently decided to give the outdoors some love. 
fire has always been one of my favorite elements. growing up in the midwest encompassed many a' bonfire. i could stare into a blaze for hours. 
we brainstormed ideas and a fire pit area won the final vote.  

this is a very sad photo of of our little concrete slab. we tried, and epically failed, to dress it up. 

even the potted plant was sad.

of all the pins i found, this one inspired me the most. i liked the simple nature of the design. 

a contractor began bringing our idea to life.

he built two benches, a side table & a gas firepit.

we chose gas because it's less mess and can easily be ignited and extinguished.

we settled on a neutral gray stain.

phase I : complete! the space already looked larger.

we fired it up the first chance we got!

phase II : our contractor arranged the pavers and pebbles in a congruent fashion.

little friends enjoyed the inferno too!

and family!

the custom cushions arrived in navy.

while awaiting the perfect pillows, these would do. (hi marty!)

christmas eve was extra special with outside heat. 

2017 was kicked off hovering over the fire pit. 
sparklers...gourmet cocoa...s'mores galore 

to warm up the space, we invested in a few plants and garden stools.

lanterns and the perfect pillows arrived. 

behind a tiny latch lives two propane tanks, where all the magic originates.

greenery brought warmth. 

it's our favorite spot to kick back and relax. 
this spring we will add more landscape, outdoor lights along with sprucing up the screened porch.
now the outdoors are closer to reflecting our indoors!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016 in review

thank you 2016! this year embodied so many wonderful things. i consider myself a risk taker. i love to try new things and i thrive when challenged. this year has been no exception. sit tight and enjoy my top 16 favorite things from another year in this amazing world!

16. early in the year i was chosen to take over the RDU Baton for a day. it's an instagram account that promotes locals as they share a day in their life. it's a great way to find new places and see the plethora of new/old hotspots in the Triangle. here is a collection of the photos i posted:
*sunset on a running trail*marty's favorite ice cream shop*my sweetie's office*favorite design store*favorite salon*my office*farmer's market*dream neighborhood

15. in march i had the pleasure of scoring a ticket to TEDx Raleigh. i knew my friend sara would be into it, so we attended the event and had the best day together! it was a bucket list day for me. brilliant & profound speakers entertained and educated us all day. one speaker stood out to me, and left a lasting impression. lynette lewis had a fascinating and inspirational story. during her TED Talk she spoke the words "when one dream is on hold, go live another dream." those words resonated with me and healed me in a way no other words ever had. 

14. in may i hired my very first assistant, stephanie. i like to say she's the 24 year old version of me. we connected immediately and she has helped my business tremendously. her support has enabled me to have the brain power to do what i do best. she handles everything behind the scenes so i can show up and be the best clinician i can be!

13. christmas eve is one of our favorite days. this year was no exception. we feel so fortunate our families live close and we can have everyone to our home that day. our special guest was incredible as usual and always provides the magical feeling of this season. 

12. mid-summer we had our very first nephew sleepover! it's such a joy to see these little guys get along so well. uncle B and aunt Liz took them to franky's fun park and there was a sundae bar before bed. the next morning was full of pancakes, bacon, blueberries and silliness. 

11. in june we traveled to canada with some amazing friends. it was an action packed week of planes, cars, UTV's, ziplines, golf carts, fishing boats and ferries. we ate well, laughed hard and jumped in a freezing cold creek all together. 

10. just recently we had a fire pit area built into our backyard. the pillows are being delivered this week. we are currently using it every single day. i am totally obsessed. hot cocoa + marshmallow flavored vodka? yes please. 

9. in may we traveled to Vegas with some great friends! this photo was taken at the Hard Rock Pool. we basically regress to teenagers when we are with this crew, it's the best ever! 

8. in june i visited my soul sister, virginia, to meet her newest addition Flora Louise! this is a more recent picture. Camellia is my spirit animal. they are definitely friends who feel like family. i treasure every moment with this crew. 

7. in september i enjoyed a private dinner with a few favorite gal pals for my 38th birthday. it was filled with good vibes and incredible female energy!

6. this year i have gotten very close to this special soul. brian's cousin Jesse Rose has become one of my favorite people. we have spent a lot of time together this year and i simply adore her! 

5. 2016 marked 20 years since i graduated high school (sigh). i was beyond excited to see all the faces and hug all the friends i grew up with. my heart was exploding the entire weekend, i could barely handle the flood of happy feelings.  

4. this was our view, from bed, in aruba. maybe the best vacation we have ever had. it was epic. 

3. in february i had the honor of being a keynote speaker at a Sports Wives Retreat. i tried to play it cool but inside i was terrified. i worked diligently on my presentation and was very proud to be included. what a thrill. 

2. i couldn't choose just one, so here is a brief collection of new things i learned/tried this year. i hope to always have the passion to learn. 
*calligraphy class*iMovie & Keynote classes*macaroon & chocolate making classes*two broadway shows*added to my art collection*attempted flyboarding*explored essential oils*took my first spin class*improved my make-up game*

and the #1 best part of 2016 was my parents new beach house on Topsail Island. this addition has improved our quality of life tenfold. i went 10+ times in 2016. the memories we have already made and the ones we plan to make are endless. 

gratitude is the secret to life. always count the things you DO have first. it's ok to be sad about things you don't possess, but please don't spend too much time on that. change your situation if you can, but accept the things you cannot change. life is really good, friends! See the Good & Be The Change. xo 

Monday, August 1, 2016


the locals call it One Happy Island. they are so right. we will undoubtedly return. i have rarely felt this strongly about a place. it was an island filled with jeep wranglers, fresh fruit, flea markets, abundant seafood, frozen drinks, live music, tiki torches, lizards, few bugs, good drinking water, calm caribbean sea water, various languages, families, couples...smiling faces. 

let me take you on a tour of 8 days in our version of paradise. 

kristin & jeff. we hit it off the very first night, pals for life

each morning started with a workout. even on vacation we value exercise. it gets our blood pumping and energizes us for whatever the day brings!
*and also makes us earn the frozen drinks that follow

prior to the commencement of frozen drinks, we would grab a refreshing juice

and/or a pitaya bowl filled with the freshest island fruits, complete with a sprinkle of coconut

afternoons were filled with a lil' relaxation and a lot of adventure peppered in

southern gent was weary of my plan....

and he was right...we hit a bump and went flying. cowabunga!

we chartered a catamaran one afternoon and snorkeled with a big group

a couple days later we took a 4 hour utv tour around the island terrain, fit with a buff for the desert dust

and i did the flyboard. whoa. looks way easier than it is. i got BEAT UP!
but this girl won't back down from a challenge! #bruises

animals of any kind draw us right in. island dogs were a favorite! 

these parrots made me want an exotic bird of my own!

this little fella was intrigued with grabbing the pom poms on my bag

we kind of felt like wild animals when we had to pay a dollar to relieve ourselves one afternoon

lunch was typically @ a grass hut or with our tails planted in beach chairs

my favorite seat, though, was the egg chair. we enjoyed a few of their signature Aruba Aribas, and even a couple nightcaps...perched in one of these

sunsets were brilliant

palm trees galore!

we decided we, too, love aruba

and each other! happy anniversary to my southern gent! someone i would choose over & over again. i don't know the statistics but would guess that a small percentage of married couples have the opportunity to spend 6 years as two. most have started a family by this time. it hasn't been our choice, and has been oh-so painful yet oh-so beautiful. i am happy and thankful for this journey we are on. we don't know what is next, we have learned to let go of the reigns and practice presence while we continue to discover our purpose in adulthood. we know we are in it together and if it is only the two of us forever....that will be our perfect story. thank you aruba!

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