Friday, July 8, 2016

it's july!

Hello Friends!
i am way overdue for an update. things have been moving along quite swimmingly this spring and summer. a couple months ago i reached a place where my private practice was consuming me completely. since that time, i have interviewed 4 candidates and hired an assistant. the trouble is: with an employee addition production gets more stressful before the lightness emerges. so my days have involved more work in the spirit of eventually more peace. i could not be more thrilled with the growth of my business. i have loved working independently, but cannot grow without some assistance. now my team is comprised of three of us: meet Stephanie (we didn't plan the shirt color but it confirmed we are meant-to-be) she's the 24 year old version of me. she will be handling behind-the-scenes details, so i can be fresh and preserve my own sanity for what i do best.

 here are some other highlights that have been poppin' lately!

jimmy buffet show with these beauties!

mountain visit (winery love with our cousin-to-be, Nicole!)

got drenched @ the beyonce show with these hotties!

a wild vegas weekend with this crew!

lots & lots of beach time with family & friends!

 a trip to key west to visit my favorite family!

a trip to a beautiful part of our world. the people and the energy were unparalleled in Whistler & Campbell River!

i also had the honor of holding the RDU Baton June 22. it's an instagram site with 22,000 followers!

 marty had a sundae!

one of my besties and her family came for a visit!

and lastly, i feel like i have unveiled something very exclusive. the coffee shop i frequent at the beach told me where they get their chai. i ordered it on amazon prime and VOILA it arrived in a couple days. my life has been made. don't ever hesitate to ask that question! 

that's a quick back soon!
chao! xo

Friday, April 15, 2016

info in a nutshell

i love cliff notes. a summary. info in a nutshell. i don't read much. i like to skim information and get the gist, without spending a ton of time absorbing the unnecessary.
for instance the book, "the magic of tidying up" a NY Times bestseller. it is written by a professional organizer, marie kondo, who has made a wonderful living helping people declutter and create a more harmonious space. all i needed to hear about the book was her quote "if you pick it up and it doesn't bring you joy....let it go." boom, i get it. i understand the whole book. don't get me wrong, the author walks readers through a detailed process of purging items and specific steps to set self up for success. i would highly recommend the book, i just understand things in condensed form.  

all of that said, i recently learned of another book that has exceptional reviews! it is titled "the miracle morning" i might buy it. i might not. after hearing the synopsis, i think i understand it. there is one acronym that i believe is life changing. S.A.V.E.R.S.
Hal Elrod created a system for readers to follow and believes if we do these six things before 8am, it will transform our lives. i'm in! but really, before 8am?

here are the cliff notes:

S. Silence: carve out time for quiet

A. Affirmations: list three things going well in your life

V. Visualization: visualize your day going smoothly

E. Exercise: sweat

R. Read: find something positive to absorb, maybe a quote

S. Scribe: write down your intentions for the day

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

the retreat 2016

last weekend was a dream come true. over 4 years ago an idea began brewing in my mind. i have been in the Mental Health Field for 15 years and in the Hockey World for the last 8 of those. i have daydreamed that my worlds would somehow collide. i have been to countless seminars, workshops and trainings. i've been moved and inspired by speakers and authors, always walking away with nuggets of wisdom. the hockey world is so transient and we have met dozens of friends who are whisked away to other cities right before our eyes. these women are strong, resilient and supportive of their partners. they lead very unique lives. there are strengths as well as struggles in the lifestyle of professional sports. i have met extraordinary people who have exhibited resilience beyond measure.
last summer i decided to listen to this idea that wouldn't stop nagging me. there was one single girl who i knew would understand this vision. sure enough i emailed her and heard back within hours! brijet had also dreamt of a similar concept and was ready to brainstorm. we had several phone conversations in the following months and by January she was ready to take action. brijet is a well connected woman and a do-er. she doesn't just talk about ideas, she executes them. 
in a month and a half she orchestrated a very special weekend of events, appropriately named The Retreat. my main objective was to prepare a presentation for the Symposium. there would be 7 speakers on a variety of topics. i would speak last and hopefully spread inspiration throughout the room. 

i spent days and weeks trying to conceptualize a topic that would resonate. after speaking with a few trusted comrades, i decided on the topic of resilience. i took classes to educate myself on the newest technology of keynote. i wrote and read and created a presentation. i practiced it. i tweaked it. practice. tweak. practice. tweak.

one day while practicing for southern gent he sparked the idea of ordering stress balls to share with the group. stress balls are the epitome of resilience. i designed them shaped as hockey pucks. damn, he's clever. 

one day while practicing the presentation for my parents, my dad had the idea of having a handout created with key points and tools to reference. much more useful than your average packet of slides. damn, he's smart. 

the day arrived and it was time to travel to the AZ desert. 
off i went!

upon arrival to our hotel rooms, brijet had swag bags filled to the brim with wonderful goodies. we were showered with the trendiest of products in every category. 

even a vodka bottle disguised as a baseball bat. 

the welcome reception was first class! energetic and warm women abound!

the next morning was the symposium! the venue was picturesque and cozy. 
an intimate group was just right for the inauguration. 
to say i was nervous is the understatement of the year. i was nervous because i cared. i was nervous because i wanted to connect and inspire. i poured my heart and soul into this endeavor and i desperately wanted that to come across. when i commit to something i have high expectations for myself. 

i was honored to be among the keynote speakers! my anxiety had been high leading up to the event. as soon as i reached the podium though, a calm feeling arrived. i spoke from my heart and sincerity was my main objective. i am so proud of those 20 minutes. 

almost immediately, the wonderful feedback began. in the days following i have gotten texts, emails and messages that have overwhelmed me. apparently my efforts paid off and girls felt my passion and appreciated my mission. my heart has been exploding ever since. the relief and joy i feel is profound. 

following the symposium, i exhaled for a couple hours. the desert landscape was gorgeous. 

that night was the big celebration with a wine paired dinner! more gifts and lots of silliness awaited us. 

tremendous conversations were sparked!

we ate like queens!

with the best temps and views.

the wine & food pairs were five star

you must order yourself some vino from vineyard36 pronto! promo code Wardo will get you 30% off, until March 15!

the laughter contagious! an unforgettable weekend!

my look for all three events!

i have a very strong message for you. do that thing. that thing that maybe nags at you on occasion. that idea you have in your mind that scares you to death. do it. try it. put it into the world. anything is possible. 
also...collaborate. when you ask for advice from others and genuinely listen, fabulous ideas crop up. joint efforts are the path to greatness! 
february was an epic month for me. i can't wait to create more in this ever emerging year! 
my heart is open and my confidence is tenfold because i took a risk and embraced my fears. 
thank you to everyone who believed in me. you help me believe in me. xo

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

creative marketing

one thing i know for sure, i am always thinking outside the box. my practice has been consistently thriving since 2011, however, this girl just won't lose the hustle. i love exercising creativity in how i express my business to others.  

business' are redefining your average business card. after admiring some brilliant concepts, i decided to do some redefining of my own.  

a bike tool to advertise the bike shop

 a personal trainers card: you have to stretch the band to view his info

 an edible cookie to market your local bakery

my first idea originated from my one and only, southern gent. he gave me the idea to upload my branding film to usb drives and distribute to referral sources. i loved the idea and even found a woodworking company that branded usb drives. voila! that way if a physician wants to show a patient my film, they just pop it into their laptop and my business card comes to life. 

the second idea that i copied struck me was an interior designer who gave her clients a lovely candle and personalized matchbook as a christmas gift. i thought that was so wise. 
i have been excited to see matchbooks make a comeback. swanky restaurants, hotels and bars are carrying them again. i have started a little collection of my own, which has been fun to sift through and recall the memories we created inside the places. 
all of this love & creativity sparked the idea of having my business info printed on matchbooks. naturally i had to come up with a little slogan to make matches relevant to therapy/personal development/goal setting.  

don't ever lose your spark and interest in furthering your personal/professional development!

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